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Grass Cutting

Our company currently udertakes the maintenane and grass cutting for a large number of organisation,we have the latest up to date equipment for maintaing your sites.Your site may need a one off tidy as it has not been neglected, this can be achieved with one of our flail or rotary mowers.We can collect and remove the grass or leave and mulch the grass.If your site is to be kept to a higher standard this can be achieved with our newly arrived Hayter 4 Wd Triple Mowers or one of our kubota collector mowers.

What ever your needs we have the equipment and the trained staff to carry our your requirements to a high standard.

Here is a John Deere tractor with 6ft Trimax Flail.

Trainer operator using pedestrian scag flail. Anglian Water reservoir, Bedfordshire.

John Deere tractor and flail completed grass cutting of 4 overgrown football pitches at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

John Deere 90hp tractor with speer head 6m reach flail clearing overgrown drainage ditch in Flitwick Leisure Centre, Bedfordshire.

Completion of Flitwick Leisure Centre grass cutting